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Characterization from Miss Mary/Marie
Name: Miss Mary/Marie
Alias: Miss M.
Date of Birth: 1st November 1842
Date of Death: Unknown
Sign: Scorpio
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 26 in 1968
Height/Weight: 5'4” (165cm) // 121 pounds (55kg)
Eye/Hair Colors: Brown; Brown hair, curly and silken
Body type: 
Slender, thin and trained; has abs; Glasgow smile on her face
Clothes Preference: 
Tight fetish clothing; always wears them under her socially accepted dresses
Spanish, French, Dutch - she can speak only French and English.
Mysterious, creepy and frightening. Miss M. rarely speaks and presents the scars of her martyrdom visibly on her face. Threatening other people is her normal behavior.
Being the descendant of an infamous former Templar from Spain (Raphael de Toussaints) Marie was born as the youngest child in her family. Her father had an affair shortly after his wife died; her mother was a servant in his household. Being not only the daughter of a housemaid but
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Characterization of Raphael de Toussaints
Name: Raphaël de Toussaints
Alias: Raphaël is his eleventh name.
Date of Birth: 2nd April 1764
Date of Death: 8th November 1825
Sign: Aries
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 30 in 1794
Height/Weight: 6'1” (185cm) // 188 pounds (85kg)
Eye/Hair Colors: Black // Brown
Body type: 
Manly, slightly chubby, yet trained. Has hefty arms, big calves.
Clothes Preference: 
Leather. It could be called his fetish, as Raphaël loves to wear it anytime of the day. His armor is made out of leather, he is wearing belts non stop and even his musketeer-y hat is made out of leather! If theres no leather available for him, he prefers simple cotton.
Spanish, French, Dutch - he is fluent in all of these countries languages as well.
Wild, unbendable, witty and bold. Raphaël never knows his nor others boundaries but is loyal to the bone. He travelled the past years through Western Europe, fulfilling different missions for the Templar Order
:iconsylaiises:sylaiises 1 14
Questbuild for Fran Daniels
Fran is probably, next to Yvette, my bestest and most favourite own characters for the Assassin's Creed games. He has no mayor role in the storyline itself, yet can be connected anyway without any big problems. I thought about what role he would play, as Fran tends to keep himself out of trouble and tries to live a normal life. Additionally to know: It actually would do the most sense if Fran's ( and Elizabeth's) story would be a DLC as it happens in the mid but also right after the game, when Starrick gets killed by the Frye twins.
I wrote all the information about his little questlines in this wall of text.
14 little huntsmen I will catch
Collect 14 bottles of rare and expensive rum for Fran to help upgrading his Corbie pub.
This quest is not absolutely necessary to completeTwo cutscenes will appear - one after 7 bottles of rum, the other one at the end.Cutscene 1 will be a big bear hug from FranCutscene 2 will be a party with a few rooks and the three ass
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Characterization of Nasri Pani
Name: Nasri Pani
Alias: Araunya Charani
Date of Birth: Unknown, born 1850
Date of Death: 13th July 1915
Sign: Unknown
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 18 in 1868
Height/Weight: 5'6” (168cm) // 121 pounds (55kg)
Eye/Hair Colors: Black // Grey 
Body type: 
Small, slender and very curvy. She has slender limbs and long fingers. Araunya has hair down to her buttocks.
Clothes Preference: 
Araunya arrived in London only a short time ago, wearing an old, tattered Sari from her home in France. She wears her old marriage sari and her dancing outfit, she bought from gypsies, in the downtown, earning some money.
Indian, though officially she is known as 'Gypsy'
Passionate, brave and strong-willed. Araunya is sick of being a slave and being treated like a dog, she wants to do, whatever she likes. Despite her young age, she can wield a dagger and is able to defend herself to a certain level. Even if she can s
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Questbuild for Yvette
I thought about how the main quest for Yvette would look like. Of course you would do 4 sidequests to get her to trust the player (which start/play in different locations like Café Théâtre and Sorbonne) and here is my little summary.
The main quest with her plays in year 1795, around a year after Arno has been in Franciade.

A savior in need

Danger calls. Instead of fulfilling the Templars wish, Arno needs to follow her lead first.
Free the former royalist informant of Mademoiselle Montmorency to win her trust!
Take back what is yours
Mademoiselle Montmorency asks for Arnos help in the Café. 
A few remaining jacobins of Ropespierres broke into her office in Quartier Latin.
Get the documents that got stolen by the jacobins.
A strong, right hand
The spymaster inflicted the rage of former people of hers. They allianced with a few royalists.
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Characterization of Jordain Archambault
Name: Jordain Húbert Archambault de Foix
Nicknames: Jor, Dan
Date of Birth: 24th November 1760
Date of Death: 17th December 1823
Sign: Sagittarius
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 35 in 1795, dies age 63
Height/Weight: 6'1” (185cm) // 198,416 lbs (90kg)
Eye/Hair Colors: Black-Brownish // Blue (looks muddy)
Body type: Broad back and upper body, well trained, yet he's fast, quick and slithers away out of any danger. His arms are muscular thanks to climb-training in the mountains; his calves are thick and muscular as well. His hands are rough (sometimes his skin has even deep, bleeding cracks) on 'work' days, as he likes to call them, but he tries to tend to them every now and then with oil and other medical products; in modern days Jor has a slight Neurodermitis on his hands and hides them under handshoes in public.
Clothes Preference: Jor prefers to dress in his formal attire on formal, social events and prefers thick, protec
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Characterization about Yvette E. Montmorency
Name: Yvette Evelyn (Evelie) Montmorency
Nicknames: Yvi, Vette, Eve
Date of Birth: 18th September 1772
Date of Death: xxth December 1850
Sign: Virgo
Sexuality: Bisexual, with tendency for males
Age: 23 in 1795, 31 in 1805
Height/Weight: 5’7” (170cm) // 174lbs (85kg)
Eye/Hair Colors: Blonde // Greenblueish (looks muddy)
Body type: C-cup breasts with a small waist, thanks to corset training. Her hips are naturally broad (birth-giving hipbones). She is a full body type with an unusual height for a woman of the 18th century (shares nearly the same height with Arno).
Clothes Preference: Yvette loves waist-training corsets and dresses and cute shoes, yet she isn't averse to rolling around in dirt and garbage if it is a must. Most of the time she wears an outdated green corset dress, she got custom-made from a Templar tailor. If she's doing infiltration and other similar missions (rescuing her people or supporting Arno), she w
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[Voice Over] Aquamarine |Bow Down To Me|Speedpaint by KitsuneZakuro [Voice Over] Aquamarine |Bow Down To Me|Speedpaint :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 687 25 Rosepphire Fusion |Art Theft|Discussion/Speedpant by KitsuneZakuro Rosepphire Fusion |Art Theft|Discussion/Speedpant :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 873 28 FUSION IS AN EXPERIENCE! | T-shirt contest design by KitsuneZakuro FUSION IS AN EXPERIENCE! | T-shirt contest design :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 1,082 50 Nothing is True and One For All by weremagnus Nothing is True and One For All :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 124 5
Commissions - CLOSED! Thank you so much!

Commish slots:
1. Lordhadrian__P
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Extra slots:
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text italic = finished
Waiting list
1. Vcubestudios

+ shipping worldwide:

    3$ for graphite/colored pencil ones/markers
    5$ for watercolor but shipping varies on their weight
+ please keep in mind that watercolor works are pretty heavy, with watercolor artw
:iconnaeviss:Naeviss 42 68
Dolores figure by Puppyorb Dolores figure :iconpuppyorb:Puppyorb 5 0 Fusion Friday | Rose Quartz/Sapphire | Speedpaint by KitsuneZakuro Fusion Friday | Rose Quartz/Sapphire | Speedpaint :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 692 28 [Pearlnet]You say you're the answer? {SS} by KitsuneZakuro [Pearlnet]You say you're the answer? {SS} :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 480 14 bronze by myks0 bronze :iconmyks0:myks0 348 39 DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER//BLUE DIAMOND [SU SPEEDPAINT] by KitsuneZakuro DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER//BLUE DIAMOND [SU SPEEDPAINT] :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 736 39 Velvet 04 by oh8 Velvet 04 :iconoh8:oh8 1,154 69 De Sade | Arno | Napoleon by MByak De Sade | Arno | Napoleon :iconmbyak:MByak 52 5
Characterization: Molly Foster
Name: Molly Foster
Alias: The little Princess
Nicknames: Princess
Date of Birth: 13th March 1850
Date of Death: xxth January 18XX
Sign: Pisces
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 21 in 1788, 27 in 1794
Height/Weight: 5’1” (1,55 m) // 121lbs (70 kg)
Eye/Hair Colors: green // brown
Body type: TBA
Clothes Preference: TBA
Nationality: British
Personality: TBA
Voice Actor: Laura Bailey (Dagna; Dragon Age Inquisition, Catherine; Catherine)
Face Claim: Liana Liberato
Occupation: Civilian
Arsenal: nothing
Skills: baking  
Likes: TBA
Dislikes: TBA
Hobbies: TBA
Paul J. Foster    - Father
Margarethe Foster - Mother
Spouse: Fran Daniels
Children: TBA
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Arno Dorian sketches by MByak Arno Dorian sketches :iconmbyak:MByak 43 14 AC: Rahel by diamori AC: Rahel :icondiamori:diamori 17 5


sylaiises's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am an aspiring hobbyist, trying out different things from writing to drawing and from drawing to making photos! Maybe I will even try out cosplay, we never know!

Possibly the biggest fangirl of Arno - I ship him with way to many fictional women. #sorrynotsorry

Art above: toffee-bit
I use my deviantart account to manage my character descriptions, quest navigations and the commissions I order from other users.
My own art won't be uploaded here, so if you are interested in viewing a few artpieces I made, head over to my instagram ^_^

Thank you for following me here; please do not expect any quality content lol


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